Press Release

mFilterIt saves advertisers over $30 million in 2019

Offering holistic ad-fraud elimination and brand safety analytics to brands across 14 countries helps them take real time actions saving millions

Gurugram – March 2, Monday 2020: mFilterIt , the fastest growing ad-fraud elimination and brand safety solutions company today revealed its measurable impact helping advertisers save millions of dollars spent on marketing. The total savings for brands across 14 countries, where it is serving leading advertisers in the digital space, is pegged at a little over $30 million for 2019.

Amit Relan, Director & Co-Founder, mFilterIt sharing more on the achievements of 2019, said, “Our two-pronged strategy of diversifying in new domains within India and intensifying global expansion helped us achieve grow the impact by over 250%. This is backed by a strong R&D and product development capabilities leveraging Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI.”

“We would like to take a moment to thank our clients, who are leaders in their own domains for choosing mFilterIt to add trust to their digital journey,” added Amit.

mFilterIt also shared some key trends about the ad-fraud and brand safety challenges that impact every brand having a digital presence. Some of the emerging trends include: –

  • Ad-Fraud and Brand Safety are now increasingly being discussed at Boardroom levels. Evolved digital organisations are no longer seeing it as an isolated marketing problem.
  • Brands which are just riding on the digital journey and building an omni-channel presence having lean legacy of digital marketing are most vulnerable. These brands, especially in FMCG and other traditionally offline channel-based markets need to increase awareness about ad-fraud and also acquire skills and solutions to handle it effectively.
  • Fraudsters are using a hybrid technique mixing Click Spam with Fake Devices to reflect a genuine traffic trend to align with the expected KPIs while continuing with the fake and invalid traffic.
  • Ad-Fraud is polluting the enterprise ERP including CRMs of organisations resulting in wrong planning as well as waste of precious time and other resources going after unachievable goals and objectives.
  • While user acquisition is the main affected point of customer journey, fraudsters are increasingly bringing down the experience through the customer life cycle impacting engagement, re-engagement as well as re-targeting.
  • Ad-Fraud is giving wrong picture to investors about digital businesses including app-led start-ups which is a risk factor having a direct bearing on the expected returns.

Sharing top level priorities for 2020, mFilterIt revealed that it sees a lot of opportunity in BFSI, FMCG and other sectors who are late entrants into digital ecosystem in India. For them, the ad-fraud challenges are not only confined to marketing fraud but also resulting in several types of business frauds. The other area of opportunity is the global expansion where the company will continue to invest in high growth markets of South East Asia and the Middle East, besides marking entry in mature markets like US and Europe.