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Decoding mFilterIt

Agility to re-engineer the technology has helped mFilterIt to increase the impact and add TRUST to the Digital ecosystem

Many a times team mFilterIt is asked one basic but important question. What does the name mFilterIt stand for? In the journey so far, we have seen us evolving by widening our horizon and thus creating an impact which is growing exponentially year on year. Today, mFilterIt is in its 3.0 version.

The story began with making the mobile ecosystem clean and working on various challenges which the mobile ecosystem was facing. Apps were being built and getting deployed in millions for which brands were paying to discover users. This is even happening now. The second era for mFilterIt began with a thought of offering holistic solutions. While it is a fact that digital is becoming synonymous to mobiles, yet web is relevant. There are a lot of B2B2C transactions like lead generation for Banks which takes predominantly the web route with a direct selling agency in between. So, to be able to offer a holistic fraud free digital experience, web became important and the ‘m’ in our name became more of marketing, while the focus on mobile did not reduce.

The relevance and purpose of going digital has changed. Businesses are no longer available on digital for marketing presence and amplification. It is the default business platform for new age businesses while legacy businesses and sectors are catching up. The conversations that mFilterIt team has with its customers and other partners is now getting beyond marketing, essentially everywhere where there is an element of fraud and mFilterIt could save money. This is mFilterIt 3.0, where ‘m’ has acquired three meanings of ‘mobile’, ‘marketing’ and ‘money’.

The proprietary technology of mFilterIt is put to use to filter the fake and bogus things that are taken away from the digital landscape to result in a trustworthy ecosystem where the organisations are actually getting what they see and spend on. mFilterIt is confident of its solutions which are able to deterministically decide between the angel and the evil, which is signified by suffixing It with Filter. It also adds a flavour of casualness underscoring the ease of integration that has been the secret sauce of mFilterIt based on the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) principle. If the solution is not easy for any advertiser to implement, it is of no good.

These three distinct phases that can be identified in very short but impactful journey of mFilterIt have been filtering ‘mobile’, ‘marketing’ and now ‘money’. With the kind of Digital Transformation journeys different businesses are undergoing, ranging from services to manufacturing, the meaning of ‘m’ would keep on enriching and our technology will also scale to keep filtering-It the evils of various fraudulent techniques implemented to achieve quantitative KPIs without any intent to compliment it with quality.

Future is unpredictable but one can pick up early trends to see how the opportunities of future could evolve. At a time when we are at the cusp of 4th industrial revolution or what is known as Industry 4.0, perhaps ‘machines’ is another flavour of ‘m’ that could get attributed to mFilterIt. One can foresee a lot of similarities in terms of potential threats where mFilterIt technology could be used in Industry 4.0 as well as Smart and Connected world. There will be an increasing demand to ‘tame’ and identify BOTs which can do a lot of harm in such scenarios. For imagination purposes, think of a machine’s operational plan compromised with a BOT which could over or under utilise it. Similarly, a BOT could loop electricity on and off for homes as well as public places. Examples can keep going on.

mFilterIt is a listening organisation and works in an agile work environment where products keep on improving and adding to their capabilities. Our R&D and product development teams are continuously working on repurposing and re-engineering the core competencies of the company to increase the impact, which obviously results in growth and strengthens the key business parameters.

mFilterIt will keep this blend of robustness and agility as guiding factors to be recognised as a thought leader in the space working with the entire ecosystem to build, nurture and protect a trustworthy digital space where everyone across the value chain gets rewarded for the good by creating genuine and pure ecosystem which takes the entire digital experience notches up.