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PepsiCo’s D2C is a Big Indication of Digital Commerce Becoming Mainstream for Brands

PepsiCo announced two new direct-to-consumer offerings to shop directly online.  So far, the approach of brands which existed prior to the digital era has been lukewarm about digital platforms.  It’s ...

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Are your partners bidding on your brand keywords on Search Engines?

Finding your partners/dealers/affiliates etc in position 1 for your brand terms can be very frustrating. So, it becomes crucial to do Search Engine Audit and Compliance.There are three facts which are impor...

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Importance of Brand Safety in Performance Marketing

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”- Jeff BezosWith the steady increase in the fake news, extremist content, and ads appearing next to inappropriate content has led t...

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How to Tackle Click Injection?

In the click injection, Click is injected where a malicious publisher(apps) on the phone notices that “ABC app” is being used by the customer, and fires a click in the background. In that case, as the user is b...

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Identifying Click Spam Deterministically

Within the gamut of techniques resorted by fraudsters to ad-fraud, Click Spam is the most common SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic) method used to spoof the performance. Being the most common technique, 40-50...

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Decoding mFilterIt

Agility to re-engineer the technology has helped mFilterIt to increase the impact and add TRUST to the Digital ecosystemMany a times team mFilterIt is asked one basic but important question. What does ...

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Brands Vs BOTs: Importance of Decoding BOT Fraud

Alan’s Turning remarkable theory formed the basis of computer science today. His famous test ‘The Imitation Game’ which was based on whether a machine can fool us into believing that it was a human. The objecti...

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How ad-fraud could land you up dating BOTs

Unaware from the complexities in tech, users end up interfacing with machines. Ad-fraud is been seen from a very myopic and transactional view by the entire ecosystem.  Due to this insensitive nat...

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App ad fraud continues to be on rise in India

India witnessed mobile ad-fraud of over Rs 573 crore during Q3 2019 over fake installations A recent report by Sensor Tower ranked India as the country with maximum app installs in 3Q (J...

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Using KPI Targets Against App Advertising Fraud

Let’s start this topic with a question from a different universe!Imagine you own a bank and have a vault where lots of money is stored. It has the world’s best security systems safeguarding it. All the tool...