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Brand Safety is a big opportunity for AtmaNirbhar Bharat, and at mFilterIt we are pursuing it

To be able to solve Brand Safety issues effectively, the nuanced understanding of vernacular is the essence for AI and ML based solutions to work.  This can only be handled by a local brand which recognises the...

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How Brand Safety impacts performance of campaigns

Brand Safety is discussed a lot but rarely does anyone invest proactively in India to protect their brands from it.  This is because the marketers think that there isn’t any RoI.  The fact is that cam...

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Why ad-fraud in retargeting campaigns is rising as we move towards the new normal?

Retargeting and Re-engagement campaigns have difference in intent, but face similar ad-fraud challenges. Covid-19 brought the entire world to a pause.  At the same time, it also either forced or gave an...

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Ad-Fraud to grow in all dimensions – Research

A research study powered by mFilterIt shows that average ad-fraud rate is likely to peg between 45-55% as Digital Advertising gets ‘Essentials’ tag in the new normal business setup.  ...

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Click Fraud Decoded

If you are a digital advertiser, chances are you have been stung by click fraud many times. But there are ways to identify and prevent it. Let us today discuss in detail about what is click fraud, different typ...

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How Conversion Rate links with Ad Fraud

What is Conversion Rate? When advertisers run ad campaigns, their ads are displayed thousands of times on the internet. Conversion rate (called CVR sometimes) refers to the number of conversions compared to ...

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Why you shouldn’t be doing video marketing without ad-fraud BOT management

In the post Covid-19 scenario video marketing is going to take the centre stage in content driven campaigns and needs to be done optimally. Marketing is now performing a bigger than before role.  Earlie...

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Protect your Ad Campaigns from Invalid Traffic

As a publisher, you need to make sure that your content is up-to-date, accurate and easy to understand by your audience and advertisers (for running campaigns). After all, your audience and advertisers are the ...

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PepsiCo’s D2C is a Big Indication of Digital Commerce Becoming Mainstream for Brands

PepsiCo announced two new direct-to-consumer offerings to shop directly online.  So far, the approach of brands which existed prior to the digital era has been lukewarm about digital platforms.  It’s ...

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Are your partners bidding on your brand keywords on Search Engines?

Finding your partners/dealers/affiliates etc in position 1 for your brand terms can be very frustrating. So, it becomes crucial to do Search Engine Audit and Compliance. There are three facts which are impor...