Brand Safety Suite

Explore our very unique portfolio where brands get full visibility and control of campaigns to ensure that brand integrity and reputation is not put to risk.

mFilterIt’s deep web scanners continuously keep a detailed eye across digital space to report any deviations from the brand policy and objectives.

The powerful deep penetrating algorithms report any brand deviations in real-time. Impregnable shields protect web and app assets of a brand to enforce brand integrity!

  • Searching every search engine

    Our tool scans every major search engine to scout for any brand safety issues appearing in search results.

  • Round the clock policing

    24×7 monitoring of digital assets to report any event which does not resonate with the brand philosophy.

  • Protecting your single identity

    Deep view of the digital ecosystem regularly scans the third-party app stores to report any counterfeit app version.

  • No wall unconquered

    150+ incent walls and suspicious websites are monitored to report any brand safety issue making it impossible for anything to get unnoticed.

Paid Search Monitoring


A competitor may not be the only reason for pushing the bids northwards. An affiliate could also be bidding on the keywords to hook on the organic traffic and hack the attribution. The brand bidding analyzer gives a complete view of the journey, letting an advertiser know who got the customer and how.

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Brand Infringement


Fraudulent partners create fake lookalike websites and divert users to steal organic traffic to ‘earn’ attribution and credit. Not just that, they also use the same technique for online selling making users buy on these replica sites. an order on a website & then run by placing the order on the same website.

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YouTube Brand Safety


Our automated software allows advertisers to run right content on YouTube channels. The tool blacklists channels promoting violence, hatred, controversy, profanity, etc., with which no brand wants to associate. The planner helps brands for future campaigns by giving visibility of relevant channels.

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Incent activity and APK monitoring


Strictly enforce the incent policy for campaigns by monitoring which campaigns are being incentivised with or without the advertiser’s approval.
Keep a close track of all app stores to check for any counterfeit app available on these risking customer’s data and privacy…

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App creative monitoring & Ad monitoring


Bad ads are no ads! When there are so many agencies running several creatives and ads for an advertiser, there is every chance to lose the count and view if its notclosely monitored.
The monitoring solution from mFilterIt becomes a remote…

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Cashback / Referral Activity Monitoring


A coupon is just like a promissory note. No advertiser can afford to over or under promise to its customers.
The activity monitor reports the live offers as well as what is being offered to the customers on behalf of an advertiser.

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Case Studies
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We are getting into a new normal. New technologies. It’s high time to protect your assets and brand value.