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App install
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One of India’s leading online e-commerce portal, was noticing suspicious behaviour on their inorganic ‘App Install’ campaigns and wanted a specialized team investigating their traffic for ensuring that they pay...

Retargeting Fraud
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Retargeting Campaigns target people who already have downloaded the app in the past across various channels, but their engagement is very low. An Ad is displayed to the user to get them re-engaged However, Re-e...

Case Studies


One of India’s leading OTT platform and a global media player was noticing suspicious behavior on their inorganic ‘Video Streaming’ campaigns and wanted a specialized team investigating their trafficfor ensurin...

1Eliminating Video App Ad-Fraud Case Study
Case Studies


One of India’s leading online video content app providing different online videos, programs, movies etc., was noticing suspicious behaviour on their inorganic ‘App Install’ campaigns and wanted a specialized te...

saving$in 550-500
Case Studies

Travel & Hospitality

Every market – mature, developing or early stage, is grappled with ad-fraud in Performance Marketing. Through the customer engagement life-cycle digital marketers are facing challenges where ordinarily designed...

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Health & Pharma

Advertisers have to rely on inorganic endeavours to achieve the desired business objectives. This is achieved through a network of publishers, each having its strength in terms of audience and community it nurt...

Case Studies

Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra, India’s leading timeshare based holiday service provider, was looking to save on their media expense by identifying and eliminating the affiliate fraud traffic in their lead generation campaigns....

Case Studies

ALT Balaji

Boosts Bottom Line with 25% Better Optimised Ad Spend Mfilterit worked with ALTBalaji from the inception of their app marketing journey to identify cost-per-install fraud. In just 3 months, Mfilterit helped ALT...

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Improving Sales Performance Through Reliable Fraud Solution Mfilterit collaborated with Snapdeal to analyse the company’s sales data and identify cost-per-sales fraud for both app and web transactions. Mfilteri...

Case Studies

Big Basket

Brands spend and put in a lot of efforts to evolve organically and attract genuine prospects by establishing a direct connection. In the digital world this is attempted by several measures including SEO techniq...