Mobile App Acquisition Fraud Detection

mFilterIt helps mobile app advertisers save on their costs by eliminating fraud from their performance-based advertising.

mFilterIt does Fraud detection for all App performance-based marketing campaigns such as

  • CPI (Cost Per Install)
  • CPR (Cost Per Registration)
  • CPT (Cost Per Transaction)
  • Event/ Retargeting

App acquisitions are impacted by multiple frauds. Some of the fraud categories are:

Fake Attribution

Attribution for an app download (organic and inorganic) is captured through a fraudulent app.

Device Farms

Create fake engagement through a large number of devices to give the impression of legitimate activity.

Click Spam

Fake clicks generated in the background to capture organic app installs.

Fake Devices

BOTS mirror human behaviour making it difficult to distinguish real users from fake users.

Our Solution

With its machine learning-based algorithms, Mfilterit tracks characteristics of each device as per what it should be. The solution includes various situations and environment, to detect and protect from fake attributions, click spam, device farms, fake users, fake devices, blacklisted IPs and many more frauds around app acquisitions.

We combine cutting-edge machine-learning technology, backed by GSMA, along with a dedicated team of data scientists, who endeavour day in day out to help app advertisers in flushing frauds from their ecosystem, thus increasing their ROI.

  • Integration within minutes by a simple API/ postback/ SDK. Pre-integrated with all major attribution platforms.
  • Real-time transactional level reporting with automated reports for the advertisers as well as their publishers.