App Ad-Fraud Suite

mFilterIt’s end-to-end app fraud detection suite helps to detect and eliminate digital ad fraud across all mobile app media channels for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

The suite is source agnostic and works in any environment – direct affiliates / publishers, programmatic as well as organic. Eliminating ad fraud increases the KPI integrity for optimum business decisions and reduce dependence on premium acquisition channels bringing down the average acquisition cost.

  • Propel RoI

    This results in direct monetary impact of saving monthly media budgets in the tune of 25-35% across channels.

  • Most Extensive Fraud Checks

    Over 70 device and behavioural data parameters are checked using proprietary ML algorithms. This makes the solution impregnable and impossible to pass through.

  • End-to-End Operational Support

    Fully customisable dashboard reporting system with automated multi-touchpoint reports. Dedicated management support for 3rd party monthly reconciliations works like icing on the cake.

  • Ease of Integration

    The minimal tech intervention and interoperable architecture makes ad fraud active in less than 12 hours.

mFilterIT’s intuitive ML based platform protects brands against all types of digital ad fraud across various user touchpoints, making it the most extensive deterministic fraud protection tool befitting engagement model both for installs and events.

Duplicate IP


Fake Devices


Incorrect Region


Attribution Stealing


Blacklisted IP


Fake Clicks


Click spamming


Duplicate User


APK Fraud


Incent Promotions


VPN / Proxy


Wrong OS

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We are getting into a new normal. New technologies. It’s high time to protect your assets and brand value.