About mFilterIt

mFilterIt is a global Fraud Detection & Prevention Company, providing neutral, platform agnostic fraud detection solutions for brand and performance marketing.

Since 2015, mFilterIt has provided Fraud Solutions to some of the top Mobile & Web Advertisers, Mobile Handset OEMs and Telecom Operators. mFilterIt is currently the No. 1 fraud detection company in India & SE-Asia and expanding its services across the globe.

mFilterIt specializes in Ad-fraud detection & prevention for both App & Web campaigns. mFilterIt also does fraud detection and prevention for D2C VAS based performance marketing campaigns to Telecom Operators and Content Aggregators.

The fraud detection tools are based on machine learning based algorithms which identify various kinds of frauds, detects BOTS and duplicate users.

mFilterIt helps advertisers get a true picture on their traffic and helps them in taking critical decisions related to their media spends such as identifying the appropriate source for a campaign.

mFilterIt is a part of 6d Technologies, a tech enterprise catering to the telecom sector since 2002. 6d Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization with operations in 45+ countries across 5 continents.

Company Vision

mFilterIt aims to provide simple and highly effective solutions for its clients to eliminate ad fraud and be the global leader in ad fraud detection and prevention.

Mission Statement

mFilterIt strives to help its clients stay ahead of the ad-frauds and give them the confidence to spend on brand &performance based digital advertising.

Industry problem we answer

Ad fraud has become persuasive across app and web performance marketing ecosystem. Fraudsters are targeting advertisers to receive higher payouts from them.

The tactics fraudsters employ can be complex, the basic mechanics of ad fraud are simple regardless of the environment. Fraudsters fake installs, clicks, leads, views, etc., on the basis of payout mechanism.

Fraudsters will increasingly use combined spoofing tactics to thwart detection services in the ad tech space, including spoofing geo, mobile device ID and bundle id for mobile devices. In the web space, device and cookie spoofing are the major threats.

Fraud is a menace which needs to be reduced from the ecosystem. Advertisers end up losing 25-30% of their revenues by paying for fraudulent customer acquisitions such as app installs, registrations, sales leads, page visits, fake activations, etc.

There is a need to have effective fraud detection that also ensures that user experience is not impacted.