Mobile App Acquisitions

The Challenge

  • Fake Attribution:Attribution for an app download/install (organic and inorganic) is captured through a fraudulent app, thus claiming undue credit for the download.
  • Device Farms:: Fraudsters create fake engagement through large number of devices to give impression of legitimate activity
  • Click Spam:Fake clicks get generated in the background to capture organic app installs. Here, fraudulent publishers charge the advertisers for the users that did not get sourced through them.
  • Fake Devices:Fraudulent publishers use technology to make BOTS that mirror human behaviour, making it difficult to distinguish real users from fake users.

Our Solution

We provide a 360o fraud prevention suite for app marketers, which helps them stay ahead of fraudulent publishers, eliminates wasteful spend on fraud traffic, maximize their ROI, and gain confidence to spend on inorganic acquisitions for their app. The solution includes various situations and environment, to detect and protect from fake attributions, click spam, device farms, fake users, fake devices, blacklisted IPs and many more frauds around app acquisitions. We combine cutting-edge machine-learning technology, backed by GSMA, along with a dedicated team of data scientists, who endeavor day in day out to help app marketers in flushing frauds from their ecosystem, thus increasing their ROI.