Ad-Tech 2018 was an inflection year for the digital ad industry in many ways. Ad fraud was finally acknowledged as a beast in the room and we saw people talking about it. This was a big step forward for Mfilterit, a pioneer & a leader in ad-fraud management space. We have been talking about ad-fraud for last three years, since our inception and have been receiving good traction from the advertisers. There was industry recognition for our work with agencies and publishers approaching Mfilterit booth seeking an ad-fraud solution for them and discussing how we can help the clean them provide clean traffic.

Mflterit is already a No#1 in India & SE Asia in Ad-fraud management space and has established presence across all top advertisers in ecommerce, travel and other sectors both in App & Web space. We are happy to announce that soon we will be launching a solution for publishers too.

This is exciting times with lots happening..keep watching this space for more.