Coupon and Referral Campaigns

The Challenge

Referral or coupon code are a cost-effective way for Advertisers to reward loyalty, drive purchase and encourage brand value. However, the incentives are manipulated through scams such as fraudulent vouchers or coupons. While the referral codes are only valid for first-time users, referral or coupon code fraud is where the same users find fraudulent ways to either earn either cash bonus in their wallet account or purchase an item with discounted coupons. These users normally use fake email IDs to get the benefits of the referral or coupon codes.

Problem with common solutions
  • Rely on Cookies: Which is easily cleaned and bypassed
  • Rely on Mobile Numbers: Alternate temporary mobile numbers are easily available
  • Rely on Email IDs: Easily faked and duplicated
  • Rely on Physical Addresses Check (in case of delivery): Minor changes to address, which bypass normal checks
  • End Result: Easy for fraudsters to fake new accounts to get deals repeatedly which are not meant for repeat users

Our Solution

A web-based cookie-less tracking solution which allows you to identify ‘First Time’ User fraud. Browser configuration settings (browser plugins), OS, system and http connections helps to identify/track a user uniquely with a high degree of accuracy. An easy identification of this is that the more measures you take to avoid being tracked like installing plugins for privacy protection, the more unique your browser fingerprint becomes. Our fingerprinting is a more robust web-based tracking technology than cookies because the user’s identity endures even if they erase their cookies. It works even when users switch into the browsers’ private mode (Incognito mode) or delete their cookies.